President and CEO

Kimberly Gordon JD/MBA is the Founder of One Dance.  She has danced all of her life and is currently a practicing attorney.  She is also one of One Dance's choreographers.

Director of Community Outreach and Strategic Planning

Martina Durant works as a Program Associate and is driven by a responsibility to connect youth with access to opportunities that encourage self-awareness, empowerment, leadership, and equity. Martina holds a BA in Political Science from Hampton University and Master of Public Administration from The Maxwell School at Syracuse University.out this item.

Artistic Director

Robin Thompson is a member of the A. Major Dance Company and has taught dance and gymnastics for several years.

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Artistic Liaison

Brittany Jackson is a University of Central Florida graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism and dance. She is a technically trained dancer and freelance editor in South Florida. She is also a member of the NBA dance team, Miami Heat Dancers.  Her passion is to use communications and the arts to bridge the gap in struggling communities.

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Brittany Borders is currently an Admissions Officer at Newtown Country Day School in Newton, MA.  She has always had a commitment to performing arts.

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Jaren Brown works in the hospitality management field and has always had a dedication to the spreading of arts to inner city youth.

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Board of Directors